Welcome to Fourth Grade

Welcome  to Fourth Grade 

How can I help my fourth grader?
      • Set aside a quiet space for studying
      • Remind your child to check his/her planner daily
      • Sign reading log in planner (Monday – Thursday)
      • Sign Weekly Work Progress Report on Friday, due Monday
      • Review items in communication folder every Thursday

What is expected of the students?
      • Listen and follow directions
      • Pay attention to instruction
      • Bring all materials to school (books, pencils, paper, planner and homework)
      • Participate in class and ask questions
      • Be a self-directed learner
      • Problem-solver
      • Produce quality products using criteria
Most importantly demonstrate a "Growth Mindset"  https://youtu.be/hiiEeMN7vbQ

Math Program
Stepping Stones Math with a focus on the "8 Mathematical Practices" (click on the PDF file above to view the practices)
Numbers and Operations:
      • Word Problems
      • Rounding
      • Estimation
      • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing multiple digits
      • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing with money
      • 3 digit multiplication
      • Adding and subtracting decimals and fractions
      • Commutative, associative and distributive properties

      • Identifying geometric figures
      • Learning geometric vocabulary

      • Estimation
      • Perimeter, Area, Volume
      • Customary and metric systems
      • Angles

Patterns, Functions, and Algebra:
      • Using and solving for variables
      • Using symbols

Data analysis, statistics and probability
      • Reading charts, graphs and labels
English Language Arts (ELA)
                  Reader's/Writer's Workshop
                  Literature Anthology
NOTE: The Wonders textbooks are accessible online. Your child has the username and password for the site.
      • Writers’ Workshop (writing process and traits of writing)
      • Write Source
                 Wonder's Grammar
                 Wordly Wise

Science Program:
Text: Harcourt Science

Scientific Processes:
        • Inferences and observations
        • Hypothesis and experimental procedures

Physical, Earth and Space:
      • Slow and fast processes that shape the Earth
      • Earth and sun relationship
      • Gravity
      • Electric circuits

      • Ecosystems – food chains/food webs
      • Plant and animal cells
      • Producers, consumers and decomposers
Social Studies (Hawaiiana Curriculum)
"The Hawaiians of Old" and "From the Mountains to the Sea"
      • Identifying place (geographic features of volcanic islands, surrounding land masses)

      • History of the Hawaiian Islands and its people (pre-contact to King Kamehameha the Great)

Cultural Anthropology:
      • Preservation of culture
      • Changes over time

      • Economic life in the ahupuaa system

Political Science:
      • Roles, rights and responsibility of people in pre-contact Hawaii
      • Evaluate the kapu system

 "I am a Scientist" program offered by Chaminade University. Click on the link below, select Hokulani Elementary, and enter this password x!ZP&9Qx8w*R to view photos of the students in action.
Aunty Lynne will be working with our students to teach Hawaiian culture and music on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (days subject to change) from 12:30 to 2:00. Your child will be working hard to put on a wonderful performance for you and your ohana.
More information will be provided as we get closer to the performance date.
Field Trips: (as of 07/23/2019)
  • 10/25/209 - SOEST Open House: UH Manoa - Shoes and Hokulani T-shirt
  •  - Spaulding House: Art Through Literacy - Shoes, home lunch, & Hokulani or a blue T-shirt
  • 11/05/2019 - Hawaiian Geology Classroom presentation (precursor to the Hawaiian Geology Bus Tour) 
  • 12/12/2019 - Hawaiian Geology Bus Tour - Shoes, lunch, and water required. Optional: sunscreen and hat. (NO REFUNDS)
  •  - UH Lo`i - slippers, old clothes (may get dirty), shorts, mosquito repellant, sunscreen, hat, and extra change of clothes.
  •  - Honolulu Theatre for Youth: In the Yeear of the Boar and Jackie Robinson. Shoes & Hokulani t-shirt.
  •  - UHM Insect Museum: shoes and Hokulani or a blue T-shirt
  • 03/06/2020 - He`eia Bus Tour - Shoes, lunch, water, and small towel/mat to sit on required. Optional: sunscreen and hat (NO REFUNDS)
  • 04/23/2020 - Service Learning: Waipao
  • 05/05/2020 - Kamananui Trail Hike: Shoes, lunch, and water required. Optional: sunscreen and hat. (NO REFUNDS)
  •  - Art Bento Field Trip to Hawaii State Art Museum: Hokulani T-shirt & shoes
  •  - 4th Grade dress rehearsal (for Hokulani students only) in the MPB @ 1:00 (Students will be eating lunch at 10:45; therefore, home lunch is required)
  •  - 4th Grade parent performance in the MPB @ 1:00 (Students will be eating lunch at 10:45; therefore, home lunch is required)