Hokulani Elementary

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Photo make up day and retakes is scheduled for Friday, December 4th from 12:30 - 3:30pm for all students & faculty.  If a student would like to retake their photo, they must return their first photo packet to the photographer.  For parents who would like to send a check, see PDF below.  Only students (please remind them to wear a mask) will be allowed into the MPB, parents need to remain in their vehicles.

Grade Levels and Programs

1st Grade 0 Classes 3 Staff
2nd Grade 0 Classes 3 Staff
3rd Grade 0 Classes 3 Staff
4th Grade 0 Classes 3 Staff
5th Grade 0 Classes 3 Staff
Hawaiiana 0 Classes 1 Staff
Kindergarten 0 Classes 3 Staff
Math Resources 0 Classes 0 Staff
Music 0 Classes 0 Staff
Physical Education (PE) 0 Classes 1 Staff
Science 0 Classes 0 Staff
Spanish 0 Classes 1 Staff
Technology 0 Classes 2 Staff