Hokulani Elementary

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UPDATE: The following Hokulani events are cancelled.....Family Science Night (03/25/2020).....Keiki Rainbow Run (03/28/2020).....JPO Field Day (04/17/2020).....the following after school programs are also cancelled.....Bricks for Kids.....Art.....Violin.....Karate.....the Hawaii Department of Education is extending spring break through March 27 for all public and charter school students.....HIDOE will close its offices except for essential functions effective Thursday, March 19. Schools will close March 30 following the extension of spring break...Students are anticipated to return to school April 7......click below on the yellow Hawaii DOE tile for more information from the Department of Education.

Grade Levels and Programs

1st Grade 0 Classes 3 Staff
2nd Grade 0 Classes 3 Staff
3rd Grade 0 Classes 3 Staff
4th Grade 0 Classes 3 Staff
5th Grade 0 Classes 1 Staff
Hawaiiana 0 Classes 1 Staff
Kindergarten 0 Classes 3 Staff
Math Resources 0 Classes 0 Staff
Music 0 Classes 1 Staff
Physical Education (PE) 0 Classes 1 Staff
Science 0 Classes 0 Staff
Spanish 0 Classes 1 Staff
Technology 0 Classes 2 Staff