Hokulani Elementary

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Dear Hokulani Students.....we just want you to know that you matter and we miss you all.....please be safe.....don't forget to be kind to your family.....remember to be curious and creative.....please do go outside to play everyday.....please call, text or videoconference with a friend, cousin or grandparent just to say HI.....and please know that we'll be here when you guys come back.

Grade Levels and Programs

1st Grade 0 Classes 3 Staff
2nd Grade 0 Classes 3 Staff
3rd Grade 0 Classes 3 Staff
4th Grade 0 Classes 3 Staff
5th Grade 0 Classes 1 Staff
Hawaiiana 0 Classes 1 Staff
Kindergarten 0 Classes 3 Staff
Math Resources 0 Classes 0 Staff
Music 0 Classes 1 Staff
Physical Education (PE) 0 Classes 1 Staff
Science 0 Classes 0 Staff
Spanish 0 Classes 1 Staff
Technology 0 Classes 2 Staff