Hokulani Elementary

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Dear Hokulani Students.....we just want you to know that you matter and we miss you all.....please be safe.....don't forget to be kind to your family.....remember to be curious and creative.....please do go outside to play everyday.....please call, text or videoconference with a friend, cousin or grandparent just to say HI.....and please know that we'll be here when you guys come back.
Parents » The Academic and Finanicial Plan

The Academic and Finanicial Plan

The Academic and Financial Plan is the guiding document for the school. Created by a group of the school’s many stakeholders: teachers, parents, students, administration, support personnel, and community members, the Academic and Financial Plan describes the major programs the school will undertake and how it will allocate its budget. This plan is a document that is required by all DOE schools under the “Reinventing Education Act” or “Act 51.” Each school submits a plan. It is posted on the Department of Education’s website.
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