Hokulani Elementary

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Enjoy your summer...please be safe and have fun. First day of school for grades 1-5 is on Monday, August 6.

It's not every day when a U.S. Senator visits Hokulani!

"Of course!" was my response when asked if Sen. Hirono could visit Hokulani.  She had heard that we are strong proponents and practitioners of art integration, consistently support, mentor pre-service teachers (student teachers), and participate in the district level mentoring program. A few of us have the honor of meeting and speaking with U.S. Senators and Representatives, not because they are unwilling to meet with us (doors are open). Rather, it's because we don't always know our own value, meaning we don't think that they will make time for constituents. Well, Sen. Hirono not only made time to visit with principals who attended the NAESP conference a couple of weeks ago, she spent over an hour listening and speaking with students and teachers. Students spoke of their project on adaptation and showed the Senator how they demonstrate their learning through sculpture, video creation, and drawing. She then met with teachers who shared their experiences as classroom teachers, how teaching has changed, the benefits of mentoring, and how art integration supports all learners.  It was another wonderful day at Hokulani!