Hokulani Elementary

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Thank you to all of our wonderful parents, students, families and friends. You all have made this year's Teacher Appreciation Week a very memorable one!!! Big mahalo also to Aikane O Hokulani for your continued support. Our Hokulani ohana is second to none!

Learning from our mistakes

Dear Parents and Students,

Last week we distributed our yearbooks. We were happy to share something that we (the year book committee) worked hard on. However, as the days went by, we discovered that we had made numerous mistakes. Our satisfaction turned into sorrow and sadness because we had unknowingly excluded some of our Hokulani family from the yearbook. That was not something we could accept. We feel that every individual student and staff member earned his or her right to be included in this yearbook. Because of this, we decided to correct our mistakes and reprint our yearbook. 

Starting on Thursday, May 30th, if you had already purchased a yearbook, you will be getting a corrected replacement yearbook at no cost. These will be delivered to the classrooms.

To those who we unintentionally left out, we are truly sorry and apologize for our mistakes. We cannot imagine how it felt to have been left out. We hope our actions makes things right.

To everyone else, your yearbook is now something that is genuinely a reflection of your school year at Hokulani…with ALL of your friends, classmates, teachers and staff.

We hope that everyone enjoys this yearbook. And also hope that, in the years to come, when you look through its pages…you remember your friends, teachers and moments that made Hokulani so special.


Hokulani Yearbook Committee